Our Services

Waste Collection.
Waste collection is made easy and clean with the future of waste collection going underground. Sulomas is well positioned to provide its waste collection services in Malaysia with the help of the government, state councils and concessionaires. We are in the process of acquiring 2 sophisticated trucks from Europe to cater for this purpose.

Sulomas specialises in collecting waste from the new under ground containers periodically using fill level technology. This technology will help the collection process to be more timely, efficient and robust in its nature. We believe the future of waste collection to be more clean and odourless.



Sulomas in Waste Management
Sulomas provides professional consulting for government agencies, waste collection concessionaires, developers of residental and commercial properties, hospitals etc.,


Project Management

Sulomas Team
Sulomas has the best project managers to implement Underground systems (UGS) and deploy them in an approved location. Our project managers are knowledgable, experienced and will deliver projects on time and within budget.



Bin Distribution and Identification
Sulomas logistic team are well trained and experienced to deploy wheeled bins directly to the house hold and our own RFID technology to monitor and manage the assets deligently and efficiently.

Services Overview

Waste Management
Sulomas provides innovative waste management services to residents, businesses and visitors within Malaysia creating environment sustainability, promoting diversion and maintaining a clean city

UGS Maintenance
Sulomas does regular maintenance on customer premises for the UGS system, in a 4 month interval, washing, deodorizing the under ground concrete casing and the galvanised steel containers.

Recycle Waste
Sulomas will collect recyclable waste containers, transfer them to the sorting warehouse and sort them and sell the recylable material

Sulomas rewards its customers / house hold with the revenue derived from selling recycle material. Passing over 50% of revenue back to customers is an excellent way to share the recycle revenue.