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Under Ground System (UGS)

The future of Waste Collection goes under ground
As waste management operations all over the world attempt to become cleaner and greener in the face of new legislation, some companies are looking to move away from the older systems of collecting and transporting waste by road – and are taking the whole thing underground. Here, we take a look at underground pneumatic waste conveying systems and explain the benefits ... .

Automated Waste Collection System
The trend to incorporate automated waste collection systems into new housing development projects is rising, particularly in Europe, and in Asia where South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong are leading the way in implementing this type of technology.


SULO Wheeled Bins
All SULO products are manufactured in Germany with 3 years warranty and fully imported by Sulomas Malaysia. SULO bins are strong and the very best in quality, UV protected and made to last for years. SULO Bin sizes are 45l, 120l, 240l, 340l, 360l, 660l and 1100l.

SUGO Recycle Bins
SUGO is a branded trademark for stainless steel and plastic recycle bins of Sulomas Sdn Bhd. SUGO products are 100% manufactured in Malaysia and are also custom made.