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Senghoti Technologies Sdn Bhd is a 100% Bumi company with excellent credentials in Enivornmental Projects

The Green World

Sulomas along with SULO Germany and Plastic Omnium brings a new perspective in green technologies

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Who We Are

Sulomas a 100% Malaysian owned company headquarted in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia began its operation in April 2014.
We, believe Sulomas has the rite people, product, solutions, knowledge, expertise and above all the Industry Experience for the Malaysian Market. Our consulting and project management team are well equipped with the latest tools to handle projects efficiently

How did Sulomas all get started?.
Sulomas was founded by Mr.Yong Yoon Ming in the year 2014, Mr.Yong is an enterpreneur and owner of WriteBest Sdn Bhd, a seasoned business man who wanted to contribute his success to the well being of our global environment, meanwhile he approached SULO of Germany, to become a exclusive distributor for Malaysia. Hence a new company Sulomas was formed.


Nov.6, 2014
Malaysian Distribution Rights
SULO Germany has finally inked the exclusive distribution rights for Sulomas Sdn Bhd Malaysia

Oct.10, 2014
Under Ground System (UGS)
Sulomas brings UGS to Malaysia for the first time along with fill level technology